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gorgeous chandelier and photo of owners with family

How did the barn come to be?

We live in a beautiful area and wanted to share it with others. Being unsuccessful at finding a piece of property close to our home that already had an old barn on it, we decided to build our own. At the end of an atv trail, past the "Bee" deer stand, is the perfect view of the bottom fields and where the Dry Glaize Creek and the Wet Glaize came together. This is where the idea of a wedding barn "Where the Creeks Meet" began.
A location this beautiful isn't found in town, but, if you take the time to travel 1 mile off of Happy Hollow Road, 4 miles outside of Montreal, MO, you will not be disappointed.

Time to build the barn!

The time to build the barn came months after my husband cleared an opening in the dense trees, transforming the ATV trail into a road. Over 200 oak trees cut into roughed sawed boards, 74,500 nails, and 10,400 screws make up this massive structure that we hope will last a lifetime.
Rusty barn tin, removed from an old turkey barn outside of Iberia, MO give the feel of a building put up years ago. Antiqued windows allow for the natural lighting of the barn while the refurbished turkey feeders are now the six rows of lights found high up in the rafters. For that touch of elegance, we added a large crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of it all and decorated the bridal and groom dressing areas accordingly. Having a father-in-law with a cabinet shop next door and an eye for great antiques has been of utmost value. We can't thank him enough!

Functionality is a must.

Showers and four bathrooms were placed along with a kitchen area and bar for serving your favorite drinks and food. This is central Missouri, so the barn is equipped with AC and heat to help ease the ever changing weather in this area.

What surrounds the barn?

Surrounding the beautiful barn is plenty of room for telling stories around a fire pit, playing games in the back yard or spending quality time on the swing and dancing under the patio lights. For an extra added touch of comfort we have the honeymoon cabin. Cozy, cute, and just the right spot for the love birds to spend their first night as Mr. and Mrs. Nothing says, “I love you,” like an evening spent enjoying the stars from your own porch swing, listening to the songs of the crickets and tree frogs while watching the light show of the local lightning bugs. These added details designed by Mother Nature herself are what make this venue even more special.

Forever Grateful

This wedding barn gives us the opportunity to make new friends every weekend! We have put our hearts and souls into this venue and look forward to seeing the smiles and tears of joy from you, your family, and friends when your fondest memories overlap with ours.

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